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Health Examination Program

National Health Examination

Ilsan Paik Hospital Health Examination Center is a designated hospital for the National Health Insurance Corporation’s national health examination program (general health examination, cancer screening).

National health Examination Procedure

People who have received notification from the National Health Insurance Corporation can receive a health examination regardless of the region of residency.

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    Please check the exact date and time when booking your visit.

  • 02

    Health examination

    Only a person who makes a reservation will receive a health checkup.

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    Results notification

    Mail within 15 days

health Examination Procedure

health examination procedure
1. Appointment
  • Appointments can only be made at our hospital.
  • Appointment hours: Weekdays 09:30-16:00
  • Location: Appointment desk for the NHI health examination (next to central elevator on the 1st basement level)(please bring your ID)
  • Questionnaire and a list of items to bring will be provided.
  • SMS sent before the date of the examination.
2. Examination
  • Examination hours: You can visit our general health examination center on the 1st basement level between 12:00-12:20 on the day you make an appointment to register.
    (It will take approximately 2-3 hours for this process. Time may differ based on the tests.)
  • Submit items (questionnaire) on the day you visit for the examination.
3. Results notification
  • Results will be sent to you by mail within 15 days of the examination.
  • Contact : +82-31-910-7021