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Health Examination Program

Corporate Health Examination

Health examination is the first step toward a healthy and happy life for an organization’s members. Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital’s Health Promotion Center offers your company’s staff the opportunity to improve their quality of life through a customized health examination program tailored to your organization. Paik Hospital also offers the best healthcare services through top-quality staff equipped with long tradition and abundant know-how.

Corporate health Examination Procedure

  • 01

    Corporate health examination proposal and contract

    Dedicated program for corporate characteristics

  • 02

    Appointment for health examination

    Provide a quick examination with a making appointment

  • 03

    Health examination

    Provide personalized programs

  • 04

    Counseling and management

    Conduct result consultation with systematic system

  • 05


    Charge through company-specific consultation

health Examination Procedure

Corporate health examination procedure
1. Corporate health examination proposal and contract Negotiation and contract on health examination program, tests, price, schedule and appointment method.
2. Appointment for health examination Counseling through phone or visit, Appointment made and confirmed through phone, visit or online reservation website for each company, List of items required is sent out (differs for each company), Phone call and SMS sent to each person
3. Health examination Reception and payment for additional exams chosen by each individual,
Counseling schedule and appointment for additional tests
4. Counseling and management based on results Choose between Mail/Visit/Phone for counseling,
Treatment linked with outpatient clinic and appointment for counseling
5. Billing Billing method: Negotiated with each company
  • Contact: +82-31-910-7025, 7026
  • Companies with corporate health examination contracts