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Examination Procedure

Precautions before examination

Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital health examination procedure information

Our examination program uses the latest diagnostic instruments and computer systems that offer quick outcomes that can be analyzed by our faculty, and is the most efficient method for the busy modern world.
Our examination programs are offered by reservation, and you will be notified of the necessary documents, schedule and a list of items to prepare if you visit us or make an appointment by telephone before the day you wish to receive examination.
We will do our best to match your schedule and offer the highest level of satisfaction.

Day before examination

  • Eat a light dinner before 19:00 and do not eat or drink anything after 21:00. (do not drink water, smoke cigarettes, chew gum or candy, etc.)
  • Fatigue, overeating or drinking alcoholic beverages 2-3 days before the examination can affect the results, so please avoid them and take a sufficient amount of sleep the day before the exam.

Day of examination

  • Do not eat anything on the morning of the examination.
  • Bringing your stool collected with the provided kit is recommended.
  • Avoid bringing valuables and children to the hospital.
  • Limit accompanying guardians to a minimum number.
  • Patients who are on hypertension medication will be required to take their medicine along with a small amount of water before 06:00, and please bring your medication with you.
  • Do not take your diabetes medicine on the day of your visit.
  • Please consult with your doctor on whether or not to continue to take medicine that can affect blood coagulation such as aspirin.
  • Women are advised to receive examination 9-12 days into their menstrual cycle, and women who may be pregnant will not be able to receive radiology-related tests.
  • Some tests are not available to women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating, so please notify our staff in advance./li>

Guide for bowel preparation before colonoscopy

  • If you are on medication of receiving insulin injections for a heart condition, kidney disorder or diabetes, please notify our staff before examination.
  • If you are taking medicine such as aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin), ticlopidine, clopidogrel, dipyridamole or Pletaal, please consult your doctor as you may be required to stop medication for a week before the examination.
  • You may feel uncomfortable taking a bowel preparation agent, but your bowel needs to be clean for proper examination, so please take the agent as instructed.

Bowel preparation (foods to avoid before colonoscopy)

  • Food to avoid three days before exam: Fruits with seeds, sesame, mushrooms and miscellaneous grains
  • Food to avoid two days before exam: Beans, vegetables, seaweed, kimchi.
  • Day before examination: Take a light meal (rice gruel + soy sauce, cooked rice + soup, castella or cake) and drink enough water or ion drinks to prevent hypoglycemia and dehydration.

Other information

  • Reception hours on the day of examination: 08:00-10:00 (Please be punctual)
  • Time required for examination: Approximately 3 hours (time can vary based on details of program).
  • Receive guide at the information desk after receiving examination.


    Visit hospital for counseling: Visit our center 1 week after receiving examination to receive counseling from your doctor.
  • Counseling via mail: Patients who can’t visit our center can receive the results by express mail and visit our center afterwards to receive counseling from their doctor.
  • Results on the day of examination: If you wish to receive the results on the day of examination, your doctor can provide counseling for results of tests that are available on the day of the examination. The results are sent by mail.
  • If an abnormality is detected in the examination, we provide treatment in coordination with our hospital's top-class staff.