Sanggye Paik Hospital


“Serving the community as the major university hospital in the northeastern Seoul and Gyeonggi region.”

Inje University was founded on the spirit of Indeokjese, “saving the world with benevolence and virtue.” Committed to fulfilling this spirit, Inje University has nurtured its students to become leaders of Korea by providing humanistic and rounded education according to the basic precepts of honesty, sincerity and diligence. In addition, Paik Hospital has contributed to improving public health since its foundation in 1932 under the noble principle of Insuljese by the founder, Dr. In-je Paik.

Since its opening in August 1989, Sanggye Paik Hospital has served as the major university hospital in the northeastern Seoul and Gyeonggi region, and its faculty and staff have devoted their expertise and passion to help the recovery of suffering patients. The outstanding treatment results in departments including the Cancer Center, Spine Center, Cardiovascular Center, Asthma and Allergies Center, Digestive Disease Center, Integrated Treatment Center for Brain and Nerves, Osteoporosis Center, and Breast Clinic attest to the commitment of our hospital to serving the patients. Our history of clinical success, complemented by the groundbreaking research by our faculty members, will ensure even safer and more comfortable medical services in the future.

As a responsible member of the community, the hospital is helping to maintain the health of local residents by regularly conducting free health clinics and public lectures.

In 2004, the hospital faculty and staff organized Indang Supporters’ Association to financially support low-income neighbors and teen heads of household, and provide low-income patients with medical funds. We also provide health services and support to local organizations and companies.

We the Sanggye Paik Hospital will continue the tradition of excellence in medical service, research, education, and social contributions, and will strive to become the hospital that patients visit without hesitation.


Yong Kyoon Cho

Dongil-ro 1342, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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