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Emergency Medical Center

Emergency medicine is a special area of medicine which identifies abnormalities in the body due to acute disease or damage to make a quick and correct diagnosis and treatment to save the patient and help the patient recover to a normal or close-to-normal state in the shortest time possible in order to increase the effectiveness of treatment, surgery or rehabilitation that follow. Sanggye Paik Hospital Emergency Medical Center started in August 1989 to treat more than 60,000 walk-in patients annually to become the center of emergency medicine in northeast Seoul, and it continues to make efforts in academic research as well. It is composed of 6 Emergency Medicine specialists, 9 residents, 4 interns, 32 nurses and 5 emergency medical technicians to provide high quality treatments 24/7.

Sanggye Paik Hospital Emergency Medicine Center is making efforts to achieve high-quality treatment that is perfect for the patients with about 40 beds and various latest diagnostic and treatment tools. Also, comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment is practiced through close coordination of care with different departments.

We are receiving outstanding evaluations in all areas including manpower, equipment and facilities in local emergency medical center assessments executed every year. We practice the best treatment through close coordination with the Cardiovascular Center, Cerebrovascular Center and the Trauma Team.

Emergency Medical Doctors
성명 性名 Name
강태경 姜兌庚 Jang Tea Kyung
김혜진 金惠眞 Kim Hye Jin
류석용 柳錫龍 Ryu Seok Yong
오성찬 吳誠燦 Sung-Chan Oh
조석진 曺錫振 Seok-Jin Cho
최승운 崔勝雲 Choi Seung Won

Dongil-ro 1342, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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