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Optional Tests

Patients can choose optional tests in addition to the Complete Basic Examination after counseling.

Brain CT
General cerebrovascular conditions such as hemorrhage and fracture.
Chest CT
Diagnosis of lung cancer and chronic lung diseases.
Cardiac CT
Diagnosis of coronary artery diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction.
Diagnosis of cerebrovascular disorders including cerebral hemorrhage and aneurysm.
pelvic CT
Diagnosis of abdominal and pelvic diseases such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cancer, and ovarian cance.
Colon CT
Diagnosis of colon diseases such as colorectal cancer.
Brain MRI
Diagnosis of a broad range of disorders that involve the brain such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction and brain tumor.
Cervical MRI
Diagnosis of herniated cervical disk and degenerative cervical diseases.
Diagnosis of herniated cervical disk and degenerative cervical diseases.
Lumbar MRI
Diagnosis of chronic back pain such as herniated lumbar disk and spinal stenosis.
Upper Gastrointestinal endoscopy(under sedation)
Reduces pain and discomfort while receiving gastrointestinal endoscopy.
Colonoscopy (under sedation)
Diagnosis of colorectal cancer, polyp, inflammation and ulcer.
Diagnosis of thyroid cancer and nodules. Evaluation of morphological abnormalities of thyroid and surrounding organs.
Carotid Ultrasonography
80% of blood circulation passes through the carotid artery. This test offers diagnosis of conditions such as stroke by evaluating the blood flow and vascular condition of the carotid artery.
Diagnosis of breast cancer and nodules.
Gynecologic transvaginal
Diagnosis of diseases involving the uterus, ovary and Fallopian tubes that are located inside the female pelvis.
Diagnosis of diseases such as heart failure, hypertension complications and valvular heart diseases.
PET CT(Torso)
Screening test for various early-stage cancers.
Treadmill Test
Diagnosis of angina and arrhythmia.
Atherosclerosis Test
This test indirectly evaluates the level of atherosclerosis and stenosis by measuring the blood pressure waveform and blood pressure of each extremity.
This test measures the intracranial circulation to detect risk factors for diseases such as stroke by identifying the general vascular conditions such as vascular stenosis, obstruction and hemorrhage.
Bone density Test
This test evaluates the bone density in order to diagnose and prevent osteoporosis.
Male hormone Test
Diagnosis of male menopause.
Female hormone Test
Diagnosis of female menopause This test identifies diseases that involve women such as menopause by measuring female hormone levels.
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A antibody test (recommended for people in 20s~40s).
Rubella antibody
This test checks the patient’s immunity against rubella. Rubella antibody test for women who plan to become pregnant.
Urine cytology
Diagnosis of bladder cancer, renal cancer and ureteral cancer.
Bladder cancer
Bladder cancer test.
This test is used to evaluate the effects of the quality of sleep, frequency of sleep apnea and hypopnea and level of sleep hypoxia on the heart.
Genetic Test
This identifies the risk of key diseases through customized genetic analysis and offers a guide on lifestyle adjustment.