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Center Introduction


Introducing Sanggye Paik hospital total health promotion center.

Improving health with a healthier lifestyle
and regular health examinations

Inje University Paik Hospital practices nature conservation,
respect for life based on our founding spirit of Insuljese (仁術濟世, medicine saves the world)
and Indeokjese (仁德濟世, human virtue saves the world).

Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital’s Health Promotion Center offers the best healthcare service in the most comfortable environment equipped with the latest facilities and equipment used by top-quality medical staff.

Our Health Promotion Center offers various health examination programs based on tests that are recommended by academia, and we also offer proper and integrated treatments and specialized services through our faculty specialists based on the results of health examination programs. We also offer assistance so that you can modify your lifestyle including quitting smoking and drinking, proper nutrition, exercise and stress control so that you can enjoy a healthier life.

We promise you that we will provide healthcare of the highest level so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life.