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Introduction to Sanggye Paik Hospital’s history

12. 2017Received Chairman’s Award from National Assembly Steering Committee for the Korea Sejong Sharing Volunteer Awards
11. 2017Selected as Outstanding Institute among participants of Emotional Labor Healing 365
09. 2017Over 600 contracted hospitals
07. 2017Signed agreement with Korea Small Business Association
07. 2017Signed Environment Management Agreement for healthcare and medical field
06. 2017Received Grade 1 in assessment of Pneumonia
04. 2017Selected as Best Emergency Medical Center in emergency center assessment
04. 2017Received Grade 1 in assessment of lung cancer
03. 2017Received Grade 1 in assessment of stomach cancer
03. 2017Opened dedicated counter for first-time visitors
02. 2017Signed agreement with Nowon-gu Culture & Arts Center
01. 2017Signed partnership agreement with Korea Organ Donation Agency
10. 2016Opened Nursing and Home Care Service Ward
10. 2016Introduced latest PET-CT
07. 2016Received Certification for cardiovascular intervention treatments from Korean Society of Interventional Cardiology
04. 2016Received Grade 1 in assessment of coronary artery bypass intervention
04. 2016Received Grade 1 in assessment of colorectal cancer
03. 2016Hospital President Kim Hongju received 10th Daewoong Hospital Management Innovation Award
03. 2016Received Grade 1 in assessment of breast cancer
03. 2016Selected Best Hospital in assessment of emergency medical centers
01. 2016Received Grade 1 in assessment of lung cancer
01. 2016Received Grade 1 in assessment of stomach cancer
12. 2015Signed agreement with Seoul Juvenile Training School on mental health of adolescents
10. 2015Opened Digestive Disease Center
10. 2015Received Korean Stroke Society certification for Stroke Intensive Care Unit
10. 2015Introduced latest biplane Angio system
09. 2015Over 100 cases of heart and aorta surgeries
09. 2015Received Excellent Endoscopy Certification from the Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
05.20. 2015Signed partnership agreement with Korea Armed Forces Yangju Hospital
05.12. 2015Held symposium in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Asthma & Allergies Center
05.11. 2015Spine Center designated as AO Spine education center
04. 2015Received medical institute certification from Ministry of Health and Welfare
01. 2015Succeeded in non-sternotomy double-barrel hybrid surgery
12. 17. 2014Grade-1 in Assessment of Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Antibiotics for Acute Otitis Media
05. 09. 2014Medical Director Park Sang-Geun (Neurosurgery) elected as the President of Korean Hospital Association
04. 25. 2014MOU signed with Korea Foundation For Human Tissue Donation
03. 07. 2014Inauguration of Lee Hyuk-Sang as the new Chairman of Board of Inje Academy Foundation
02. 11. 2014Grade-A in Clinical Test Performance Assessment (Korea Food and Drugs Administration)
11. 21. 2013Training by Nowon-gu Doctor's Association for Second Half of the Year
11. 04. 2013Day of Cardiac Surgery in Commemoration of 1200 cases of cardiac surgeries performed by the Deparment of Chest Surgery
07 .11. 2013Grade-1 in Assessment of Hemodialysis Treatment
06. 15. 2013Seventh Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - How far has medical technology of 21st Century come?
03. 2013Selected as an Excellent Emergency Medical Center by Ministry of Health and Welfare for 11 consecutive years
01. 2013Expansion of Sleep Center
12. 2012Selected as an Excellent Hospital in Acute Myocardial Infarction and Acute Stroke by Health Insurance Review & Assessment
12. 10. 2012Signed agreement as an officially designated hospital for Chungju World Rowing Championships
09. 2012Certified as Outstanding Endoscopic Clinic by the Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
06. 16. 2012Sixth Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - A hundred years of youth
03. 2012Selected as a Higher General Hospital among Top Ranking Medical Institutions by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
11. 2011Grade-1 in Assessment of Caesarian section deliveries, hemodialysis, acute stroke and hip replacement
09. 201120thAnniversary of Free Clinics at Maduel Social Welfare Hall
07. 2011Over 10,000 cases of coronary angiography and intervention procedures at the Cardiovascular Center
06. 2011Fifth Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - Severe Trauma
04. 2011ertified as Medical Institution by Ministry of Health and Welfare
04. 2011Opening on Transfusion-free Center and Commemorating Symposium
12. 27. 2010Medical Services Team Wins Korean Red Cross President's Award in 2010 Sejong Sharing Volunteer Awards
11. 13. 201020th Anniversary Health Lecture and First Neonatal Homecoming Day (Nov. 16)
06. 15. 2010Grade-1 in Assessment of Hemodialysis
06. 21. 2010Fourth Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - Brain Science
04. 02. 2010Opening of Foot & Foot Joint Center
06. 14. 2009Third Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - Metabolic Syndrome
06. 14. 2008Second Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - Conquering Cancer
11. 2007MOU signed with Bukhansan National Park Office
09. 19. 2007Sanggye Paik Hospital, Grade-A in Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke (2005)
09. 2007Grade-A in Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke (2005)
06. 02. 2007First Paik Central Medical Center Global Forum - Escape from Heart Attacks and Stroke
04. 11. 2006Charity Music Show "Share the Hope"
12. 2005Signed Tele PACS Agreement with Nowon-gu
10. 2005Signed agreement as designated hospital for National Tax Services
06. 2005 Opening of Pediatric Asthma & Allergies Center
03. 19. 2005Opening of Sanggye Paik Hospital Kindergarten
11. 25. 2005Medical Services Team wins at the16th Asan Awards
11. 2005Opening of Breast Cancer Center
01. 2005Surgery and Case Discussion for Spinal Deformity Patients from the Spinal Center
12. 2003Commemoration of 100th Open Heart Surgery at the Cardiovascular Center
08. 23. 2001Training for Anatomy of Surgery at the Base of Skull from Cerebral Nerve Center
09. 2000Successful simultaneous surgery of cardiac disease and funnel chest by Department of Chest Surgery
10. 30. 199910-Year Anniversary Conference
07. 1999Korea's first vagal nerve stimulation by Dr. Park Sang-Geun and colleagues, Department of Neurosurgery
06. 1999Founding of Breast Cancer Patient Group, "Yumihae“
03. 1999Opening of Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic
1998. 05Opening of Smoking Cessation Clinic
1998. 03. 16Opening of Referral Center
10. 1997Opening of Stroke Intensive Care Unit by Department of Neurosurgery
07. 26. 1997Opening of Department of Radiation Oncology and Cancer Treatment Center
02. 28. 1997Opening of Spinal Center (Head: Seok Se-Il)
11. 1996Completed construction of Sanggye Paik Hospital (4 Basement floors, 18 ground floors and 610 beds)
07. 1996Opening of Obesity Clinic
09. 1994First Baby Delivered from External Fertilization
07. 01. 1992Promoted as Tertiary Medical Institution
05. 30. 1992Athletic Meet for Sanggye Paik Hospital, Seoul (Jangchung Gymnasium)
04. 17. 1992Over 500 Cases of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter by Department of Urology
04. 29. 1991Sanggye Paik Hospital Opening of Mother & Child Health Promotion Center
10. 30. 1989Opening of Sanggye Paik Hospital
08. 15. 1989Medical services by Sanggye Hospital starts. First Director of Hospital is Dr. Ham Tae-Young
01. 18. 1988Groundbreaking Ceremony for Sanggye Paik Hospital (210 Sanggye-dong, Seoul)
Dr. Paik Nakhwan was the first doctor in Korea to successfully carry out the Swenson procedure for congenital megacolon, total pelvic exenteration and intramedullary fixation for femoral neck fracture, and published 328 case studies on intussusceptions in 1964 which was the most in Korea at the time.