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Outpatient Treatment

Sanggye Paik Hospital where foreigners can receive treatment conveniently and comfortably.

(1) Fill out patient registration forms(omitted for second-visits)

Check to see if the doctor you would like to see is an optional healthcare(special clinic) or regular clinic doctor, and fill out your patient registration forms correctly.

(2) Registration/Treatment

After registering at the Reception, submit your registration card to the nurse at the clinic and wait. Nurses will inform you about medication and various examinations after treatment. If you have received an Admission Decision, go to Admissions window on the first floor.

(3) Payment/Appointments

Submit health insurance cards and daycare information at Payment windows on each floor and pay for the treatment. Please take the receipt after making payments, and move to "where you should go today." If you have an appointment on a different day, please check the appointment at the bottom of your receipt.