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Admissions Information

Sanggye Paik Hospital where foreigners can receive treatment conveniently and comfortably.

Admissions Information

  • STEP 01 Admission decision (by Doctor)
  • STEP 02 First floor Admissions
  • STEP 03 Admission on the
    day of visit
  • STEP 04 Admission
  • STEP 05 Relevant ward
  • STEP 06 Admission on first
    (Admissions window)
  • STEP 07 Discharge
  • STEP 08 Go home

(1) Admissions Decision

If your admission has been decided by your doctor, please retrieve an issue of the admission decision and go to the Admissions window on the first floor for admission of the day of visit or appointment at another time.

(2) Admissions on the day of visit

Fill out a copy of the Admissions Agreement (Request for premium hospital rooms, optimal treatment request) and submit it with your health insurance card and identification. Staff will assign you to a ward (3~16F).

(3) Waiting for Admission

If you are on the waitlist for admission, we will contact you between 09:00-12:00 when the hospital rooms are ready according to expected admission date and place in waitlist. If your surgery schedule has been confirmed while you were on the waitlist due to shortage of hospital beds, please consult your doctor.

(4) What to prepare for admission

Please bring toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, water cups, slippers, spoons and soaps. If you do not have these, you may get these items needed at the ward.

Meal Information

  • 1. Meal time : 07:00-07:30, 12:00~12:40, 17:20~18:00
  • 2. Please return the plate and utensils to the food truck inside the butler's sink.
  • 3. Please use the Butler's sink to protect your meals, food storage and dishwashing.


  • Visitors must follow visiting hours.
  • Only one visitor with a visitor’s pass can enter the ward.
  • Visitors who do not have a pass can see the patient during visiting hours.
  • Visiting hours: Weekdays (once a day) 18:00~20:00
  • Weekends & holidays (twice a day) 10:00~12:00 , 18:00~20:00