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Spine Center

Welcome to the Sanggye Paik Hospital website.

At the Spine Center, spine specialists are devoted to researching treatment and spine surgery, and the Spine Center is Korea's best spinal research, education and treatment hospital with more than 1500 outpatients and 700 surgery cases.

We provide the best treatment for all diseases occuring in the spine, and continue to research and educate on spinal diseases. We are Korea's only independent spinal institution that conducts the world's best-quality diagnosis and treatment for all aspects of spinal disease including congenital and idiopathic malformations of the spine. World renounced doctor in the field of spinal surgery, Dr. Seok Se-Il practices at the Spine Center. Procedures on spinal malformation and deformities developed by Dr. Seok Se-Il, the Director of Spine Center, are well known all over the world, and these procedures are playing revolutionary roles in surgical technique. We take pride in being a global Spine Center that more than 10 well-known professors and specialists in Spine Surgery visit annually to observe surgeries on spine malformation and deformities.

  • Kyphosis and lordosis
  • Back pain and lumbar herniated intervertebral disc, neck pain and cervical herniated intervertebral disc
  • Foraminal stenosis
  • Spine reconstruction
  • Vertebroplasty and ballon plasty
  • Other spinal disease: spondylolisthesis, inflammation (purulent and tuberculous), malignancy, fractures, hemi/paraplegia