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Department of Infectious Disease

Welcome to the Sanggye Paik Hospital website.

The Department of Infectious Diseases diagnoses and treats the cause of fever of unknown origin that persists for more than 1 week, in addition to counseling about possible infectious diseases and treatment during international trips. The Department also treats fevers and diarrhea caused after trips overseas. It also provides consultations in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases by various bacteria, tubercle bacillus, fungi, viruses, parasites and other microbial organisms.

Related diseases: Fevers of unknown origin, collum lymphnodopathy (Kikuchis disease, tuberculous lymphadenitis), extrapulmonary tuberculosis, HIV infection, Tsutsugamushi disease, urinary tract infection, influenza, syphilis, phlegmon, food poisoning, traveler's diarrhea, malaria, dengue fever, etc.