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Foot & Ankle Center

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foot and ankle Medical Staff

The foot is a crucial musculoskeletal organ in the body to maintain healthy and independent living, and its importance grows as the average lifespan increases.
Sanggye Paik Hospital has opened Foot & Ankle Center with a pleasant space and outstanding medical team to allow the patients suffering from foot and Ankle disease, trauma and deformities to get systemic and comprehensive medical service.
We perform more than 1000 cases of surgeries on foot deformities, musculotendinous degenerative disease, toe deformities, flat feet, sports injuries, arthritis, diabetic foot, and fractures annually, and have obtained great results. We also put together a friendly medical team trusted by the northeast of Seoul. Moreover, for patients who require complex medical services from different departments such as pediatric foot disease, diabetic foot, peripheral vascular disease in the foot and rheumatoid disease, we have established a quick and reliable coordinated care system with pediatric orthopedics, endocrinology, vascular surgery, interventional procedure team, rheumatology, connective tissue reconstruction team, and the sports rehabilitation team to practice the best medical service.