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Diabeetes Center

Welcome to the Sanggye Paik Hospital website.

The Department of Endocrinology of Sanggye Paik Hospital has offered specialized care services for diabetes and endocrine disorders since the foundation of Sanggye Paik Hospital in 1989, and since the launch of the license system for diabetes educators in 1999, the endocrinology specialists, diabetes educator nurse and nutritionists have been working as a team to offer group or individual education sessions once a week on overall aspects of diabetes, management of complications, principles and necessity of diet therapy, and self-management, and we are a certified diabetes education hospital.

Since 2006, we have operated an extended diabetes education team consisting of four diabetes specialists, diabetes education nurse, nutritionist, exercise therapist and social worker, and we opened the Diabetes & Endocrinology Clinic in 2009 to offer efficient patient care by bringing together the doctor’s office, education room and complication examination room in an independent clinic, and we are also working to assist diagnosis of thyroid disorders through a one-stop program and offer the best patient care through coordinated services from experts in various fields.

Diabetes Education Program
Individual One-on-One Basic Education (Individual Management Education and Nutrition Counseling)
Individual One-on-One In-Depth Education (Individual Management Education and Nutrition Counseling)
In-Depth Education through Continuous Blood Glucose Tests
Diabetes Complications Tests
Diabetic retinopathy - retinography
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy – peripheral nerve examination, neurologic exam (MNSI)
Diabetic neuropathy - cardiovascular autonomic function test