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Breast Cancer Center

Welcome to the Sanggye Paik Hospital website.

Sanggye Paik Hospital opened the Breast Clinic on October 24, 1995 and has since been carrying out early detection of breast cancer followed by quick and appropriate treatment. Early cancer does not have specific or prominent symptoms so cancer patients who miss the right time for treatment find out the importance of early diagnosis often too late. The misfortune of cancer does not discriminate, and breast cancer specialists continue to make efforts to eliminate breast cancer, one of the major three female cancers in South Korea which is slowly on the rise. There are ways to preserve breasts and cure cancer with early and appropriate treatment even after diagnosis of breast cancer. At the Breast Cancer Clinic, a special medical team that specializes in breast diseases is composed for not only early diagnosis and treatment but also health consultation to most effectively provide high quality treatment, and has obtained good results to present.