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Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery (CBMS)

Welcome to the Sanggye Paik Hospital website.

The bloodless medicine has successfully rooted as a specialized field of modern service for the last decades. It immensely advanced therapy for many diseases and shortened recovery time.
The Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital, being a pivotal hospital in northeastern Seoul, established CBMS in 2011 with fine faculty and state-of-the-art equipments to meet the eager for better medical service in the community and beyond.
Autologous transfusion in adult and pediatric patients, acute normovolemic hemodilution ( ANH ), and fluid management system ( FMS ) to maintain adequate body temperature are just some of the cutting-edge capability of CBMS at Sanggye Paik Hospital. 
Notably, numbers of clinical papers regarding ANH have been published.

Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery (CBMS)
혈액종양내과 유영진 폐, 식도, 두경부, 혈액, 혈액암(림프종, 다발골수종)
산부인과 이철민 부인종양학
진단검사의학과 한태희 자가수혈, 혈액형클리닉
신장내과 김상현 당뇨병성 신장병, 고혈압성 신장병, 사구체 질환, 만성 신부전증, 혈액투석, 복막투석
응급의학과 조석진 응급의학
흉부외과 정의석 성인심장,관상동맥 질환, 대동맥, 혈관내 수술, 말초혈관질환, 하지정맥류, 심정지
외과 양근호 혈관외과, 신이식외과, 정맥류, 유방외과
정형외과 최정윤 무릎관절(관절 내시경,인공관절), 골절 및 외상