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The beautiful hospital, sharing, giving, helping, carrying out good


Beautiful Hospital that Practices the Joy of Sharing, Giving and Helping

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Beautiful Hospital that Practices the Joy of Sharing, Giving and Helping

Inje University Paik Hospital is full of love and affection. Our medical staff in Paik Hospital serve the isolated in and out of the hospital, and further beyond to the land of other foreign countries.
Ever since its establishment, Paik Hospital has done local medical volunteer service along with various performances and exhibitions such as free medical treatment for multicultural families and rural areas in sisterhood relationships, circular free treatment for villages without doctors, medical volunteering service at flooded or disaster areas, and a discount treatment fee for the poor.

We also take the lead in contributing to the international community for the health and happiness of mankind. We have been continuously providing and supporting free medical treatment and surgery for low-income patients in countries lacking medical facilities, like Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Laos. We are also being recognized as an international medical institution that delivers techniques needed to manage hospitals with advanced medical technologies.
In cooperation with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), we have taken charge of managing the Korean hospital in the US military base at Bagram, Afghanistan since June 2010 to deliver our medical art and healing arts. We also carry out large- and small-scale projects for international health and medicine, such as education on emergency medical enters for developing countries and an advisory role for establishing overseas hospitals as well as development of nursing education programs in Sri Lanka.