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The Promise for Your Healthy Future, that’s the promise of Inje University Paik Hospital


Love and Hope with the Healing art of Medicine!


Paik Hospital started in 1941 when Dr. Inje Paik, who was the professor for the surgery department at Gyungsung Junior Medical College, took over Uemura Hospital which was located at current Seoul-Paik Hospital site. Dr. Inje Paik is a pioneer who made development in the field of surgery, and his disciples founded Inje University’s Paik Hospitals, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, Catholic University’s St. Mary’s Hospital, Chung-Ang University Hospital at Pildong.
On December 17, 1946, Dr. Paik donated all of his properties to the society except for the house that he lived in, and founded the Paik Hospital, the first non-profit organization of its kind in the nation. Like Mr. Carnegie founding Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller founding Rockefeller Foundation, he followed the same foot step to give back his properties to the society.
Early in 1954, Paik Hospital opened the blood bank in its attached facility. It is the first private blood bank in the nation, which opened even before the National Blood Service. To Training professional surgeon, and opening the blood bank to provide the blood within became the model for other private blood bank that opened later.
Paik hospital opened as a modernized general hospitals in 1972 and laid a foundation for the new leap into the future. Also, in 1974, the hospital was recognized to train newly graduated medical school students and residents so it led one step further to become a educating hospital.
Inje University Busan-Paik Hospital first opened in 1979 with a capacity of 820 beds and operates 31 clinical department and more than 30 specialized centers & special clinics. Located in the south-east of Korea, as one of the largest privately run hospitals, Busan-Paik Hospital is playing a leading role in the Busan-Gyeongnam area. In the fields of brain and cardiac diseases, the advanced medical technology of the hospital is first among other Korean university hospitals.
Seoul-Paik was designated the hospital for the athletes participating in the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympics, proving its high quality medical care Internationally and domestically.
Founded in 1989, Sanggye Paik is the core of the medical facility in Seoul and Northeastern Gyeonggi with 720 beds and the specialized clinic-centered hospital running the Spine Center, the Cardiovascular Center, the Cancer Center, the Epilepsy Center, the Asthma-Allergy Clinic, the Diabetes Clinic, the Breast Cancer Clinic, the Comprehensive Medical Screening Center and the Emergency Center.
The surgery department, led by Dr. Hyuck-Sang Lee successfully went through liver transplant for Massive liver cancer patient on March 18, 1992 after 8 hours and 30 minute surgery. The transplant was considered as milestone as opening the new horizon for the cure for the patient of Hepatitis-B and liver cancer.
Founded in 1999, Ilsan Paik is playing a pivotal role in the medical system of Northwestern Gyeonggi and growing into the nation’s hospital with ceaseless efforts and investment for medical examination, treatment, studies and services, obtaining local citizen’s favor and encouragement.
Busan-Paik exceeded 3,000 cases of Busan Gyeongnam first Cardiac surgery(2002). Kim, Jin-Bok Korea Gastric Cancer Center was opened in 2005. Ilsan-paik Cardiovascular Center performing 6,000 cases of interventional procedure and achieving 30,000 cases of echocardiography(2006). Ilsan-paik Novalis Center passing 1,000 cases of Asia's first Novalis shaped beam surgery(2008).
Seoul-Paik Foot and Ankle Center was opened in 2009. At the Foot and Ankle Center, we use treatment that are most reliable and dependent.
Haeundae Paik hospital was opened in 2010 with 1004 number of beds and offers the best medical services that is able to compare with the world’s leading hospitals by providing high tech medical equipments such as Da Vinci surgical system, Gamma knife surgery, Rapid Arch, 640 multislice CT. We also have specialized center such as Trauma center, Living Donor Liver transplantation center, Robot surgery center. Haeundae Paik Hospital we are growing as a medical hub of Northeastern Asia, as well as medical institutions across the world.
This year, in 2012, it is the 80th anniversary for the foundation of the Paik hospital, and 33st anniversary for the opening of Inje University. Starting Seoul-Paik in 1932, the Inje Foundation opened Busan-Paik in 1979, and in 1988 Inje University became a university. After that, Sanggye-Paik opened in 1989, and Ilsan-Paik in 1999. In March, 2010 Haeundae-Paik, with 1000 wards is scheduled to open.
By consistently persevering 80 year tradition with the foundation philosophy of saving the world with art of healing and benevolent act, we will continue to do our best to become the most trusted hospital with excellent staff, state-of-the-art medical system, and patient centered approach.