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The Assurance of Your Healthy Future, that’s the promise of Inje University Paik Hospital


Love and Hope with the Healing art of Medicine!


Chairman Lee Soon-Hyung

Chairman Board of Trustees
Inje University and Paik Hospitals


To those who have interest and affection Thank you.

Inje University Paik Hospital was opened by Dr. Inje Paik, a pioneer of Korea's surgical and academic world, in Jeo-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul in 1941. In 1946, through a donation of his estate, Dr. Inje Paik created the first non-profit organization of its kind in Korea and set up the corner stone of today's Inje University and Paik Hospitals.

For the past 80 years, Paik Hospitals have promoted public health and led medical development with advanced medical facilities and specialized medical technology. Paik Hospitals offer high quality medical service to the public. Inaccordance with local needs and each hospital's situation, Inje University Paik Hospitals are currently establishing state-of-the art medical care systems. In addition, the Paik Hospitals participate in both domestic and international scientific research, study and training as well as sharing and acquiring medical technology.

Fulfilling its role as a teaching hospital, Inje University's excellent staff makethe utmost effort to educate talented doctors who will lead the future of the Korean medical profession.

Inje's reputation for putting its heart and soul into creating a superior university and educating quality students has born fruit. The university's outstanding high academic reputation has received top ratings in education, research and service. Modern facilities and conveniences such as the state-of-the art electronic library, dormitories, abundant scholarships, low tuition and the professional teaching staff give Inje University a dramatic global vision in pursuit of 21st century academic excellence.

Thank you.