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About Hospital

80 years of Inje University Paik Hospital, genial like your family, faithful like your friends!


Love and Hope with the Healing art of Medicine!

About Paik Hospital

The Inje Educational Foundation Manages Five Paik Hospitals and Inje University

Inje University Paik Hospital Realizes its Mission for Respect of Life.

仁術濟世 (In-Sul-Je-Se) The Healing Art of Medicine Saves the World.
仁德濟世 (In-Deok-Je-Se) Benevolence and Virtue Save the World.

Paik Hospital was first established in 1941 at Jeo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, by Dr. In-je Paik, who pioneered the country’ medical field. In 1946, ‘Foundation Paik Hospital’, which is Korea’ first privately established non-profit foundation, was established with Dr. Paik’ donation of all of his private property.

Inje University Paik Hospital has taken the lead in developing Korean medicine over the past 80 years based on its principles of The Healing Art of Medicine and Humanity Save the World. Our staff members in the hospital are giving their best efforts to make a healthier tomorrow for mankind with their sense of duty of leading history with strong compassion.

Going beyond teaching professional knowledge, Inje University provides a wide range of educational opportunities and opens up a new academic horizon to enhance the capabilities of students who can freely engage in academic discussions and lead the future.

Founding Philosophy

Saving the world through the healing arts. Saving the world with love and virtue. Inje University is founded by Paik Hospital, the first private public interest foundation in Korea. The founding mission of Inje university is to "save the world through the healing arts and with love and virtue." Benevolence and virtue are still the most central tenets of Inje education, from which the completion of human education begins. The concept of benevolence is only complete when considering righteousness, courtesy, and intellect. These four virtues are at the root of good human characters.

Educational Philosophy

Protecting the Natural Environment, Respecting Life, and Loving Humanity.

School Motto

Honesty, Sincerity, Diligence

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