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Medical Treatment

Cardiovascular Center

We diagnose the cardiovascular disease through the brand new echocardio graphy and angiography, and perform balloon dilatation, stent insertion, coronary artery bypass grafting(CABG), and choose the best method of medical treatment consult with the cardiac surgery, cardiology, children cardiology and anesthesiology.

Cancer Center

We offer the one-stop cancer diagnosis with the combined medical treatment to each disease through cooperation with each department. We compose the specialized clinic for each disease such as digestive cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer, urinogenital organs cancer, neuromuscular cancer, blood cancer and children’s cancer, and strengthen management & counselling for our patients and education for the early medical checkup to cancer.

Spine Center

We possess the high-tech medical system such as Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT), 3-Dimensional Computerized Tomography (3D-CT), Myelography, Electromyography and Bone Densitometry.
We perform the corrective operation for deformity of a spine by herniation of intervertebral disk, degenerative spine arthritis, spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and also give a systematic and advanced medical treatment related to inflammation, tumor or fracture on a spine.

Robot Surgery Center

Robot surgery center is consist of medical team who are specialized in MIS(minimal invasive surgery). It enables much more detailed surgical actions and minimizing nerve and vein damages that can occur during the surgery. The robot’s arms also mimic precisely the flexible nature of a surgeon’s wrist, and furthermore are able to carry out surgeries that would’ve been impossible even with laparoscopic surgeries. The computer that controls the robot also eliminates any trembling that a regular surgeon's hand could easily experience, and controls other aspects of the robot all to make sure the surgery is carried on as precisely and safely as possible. Haeundae Paik Hospital has inducted within it the newest model of robot surgery equipments called Davinci 'S' and have a fully equipped and functioned surgery room specially designed for robot surgery.

Radiation Surgery Center

We have got excellent results of medical treatment, for example, 1,000 cases of Novalis shaped beam surgery(Ilsan Paik Hospital), 2,500 cases of Gamma knife brain surgery(Busan Paik Hospital) by way of the newest no blood surgery that radication removes a focus accurately without pain and skin incision for tumor and disease on a brain and a spine.

Digestive Organ Center

We are equipped with the high-tech medical equipment such as the endoscopic ultrasonography, the enteric endoscope and the capsule endoscope, and perform the advanced operation like endoscopic mucosal resection, therapeutic endoscopy, minimal invasive surgery and laparoscopic surgery.
Moreover, we help our patients to recover early in cooperation with the department of surgery, performing minimal invasive surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

Sports Medical Center

We help our patients, who have injuries during exercise or degenerative arthritis, to recover with surgical treatment, offer systematic remedial excercise after surgery for patient’s return to the normal life and also develop exercise programs for each disease.

General Health Promotion Center

We possess various kinds of high-tech medical equipment like PET-CT for early diagnosis to each kind of cancer, angina, paralysis and diabetes, which has high death rate and complication. Patients can take an accurate diagnosis from medical specialists through the one-stop system that reports the results to patients immediately.

Emergency Center

We have run an intensive care unit which has 3D-CT and makes us be able to conduct patient monitoring and established the independent medical system with emergency medicine specialists, nurses and radiologic technicians. We’re equipped with the quick medical screening system for emergent patients all day.