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Medical research

Inje University Paik Hospital recognized the importance of basic medicine from the first time of its establishment, concentrated to put research infrastructure facilities to practical use, for example, building the first blood bank in 1955.

Inje Paik has made the project related to the life science and development for the health-care policy and runs 30 research institutes concerned with the fields of basic medicine and clinical studies which are the root of new medical knowledge. That has made Inje Paik gain the academic recognition as a creative university hospital which focuses on research.
The biggest clinical test center, founded in Busan, has been chosen as the Local Clinical Trial Center in the non-metropolitan area firstly, raised the level of the clinical medicine by creative research activities.

It will construct the new medical infrastructure, activating co-research with internal and external research institutes, encourage hope of treatment for any kind of diseases as well as cancer, developing future high-tech medical technique.