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About Paik Hospital

  • Seoul Paik Hospital
  • Busan Paik Hospital
  • Sanggye Paik Hospital
  • Ilsan Paik Hospital
  • Haeundae Paik Hospital

Seoul Paik Hospital

Founded in 1932, Seoul Piak Hospital as a mother of the Inje Paik Hospital, based on the reputation for the late Dr. Jin-Bok Kim, who had the world record in gastric cancer surgery and Dr. Hyuck-Sang Lee, who performed the first successful liver transplantation in Korea.
Seoul Paik Hospital has established the specialized centers like the Liver Cancer Clinic, the Cardiovascular Center, the Sports Medical Center and the Obesity Clinic, tried to be proficient and friendly and make the most out of medical systems and skills for clients.

Busan Paik Hospital

Founded in 1979, Busan Paik Hospital, the best hospital in Busan-Gyeongnam area, has been ranked as a top level in many kinds of evaluations of hospitals by performing the first successful liver transplantation in Busan-Gyeongnam area and being the role model of all kind of organ transplantation. Furthermore, Busan Paik Hospital has reached to the world class level as a unit of hospital, achieving 2,000 cases of the operation for cerebral aneurysm and 2,500 cases of gamma knife radiosurgery.
Busan Paik Hospital has been operating the specialized centers for digestive and hepatobiliary system, cancer in adult & child, rheumatoid disease, diabetes mellitus and uncommon intractable disease. So, Busan Paik Hospital was selected as the local clinical trial center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2004.

Sanggye Paik Hospital

Founded in 1989, Sanggye Paik Hospital is the core of the medical facility in Seoul and Northeastern Gyeonggi with 720 beds and the specialized clinic-centered hospital running the Spine Center, the Cardiovascular Center, the Cancer Center, the Epilepsy Center, the Asthma-Allergy Clinic, the Diabetes Clinic, the Breast Cancer Clinic, the Comprehensive Medical Screening Center and the Emergency Center.

Ilsan Paik Hospital

Ilsan Paik Hospital is affiliated with Inje University Medical School. It has 800 beds, 23 departments, 1,500 staffs and special centers and clinics including cardiovascular center, stroke center, Novalis stereotactic radiosurgery center, health promotion center, endoscopic surgery center, sports medicine center, clinical research center, and infertility clinic. In addition to patient care, it is performing basic and clinical research, offering education and training for health professionals and medical students, providing consulting services to other medical institutions.
It is a high-tech hospital; the first hospital implementing a full electronic-based medical imaging system (PACS, Picture Archiving and Communication System) and 320-channel MSCT(Multi Slice CT) in Korea. Now, by incorporating information technology into health care system, all data of medical record, care process, laboratory results, and medical imaging are perfectly integrated as a model of emerging global standard for an advanced healthcare system.
Recently, it has expanded its facilities and established new centers of digestive system center, respiratory system center, and oncology radiotherapy center.

Haeundae Paik Hospital

Inje University Haeundae Paik hospital was opened in 2010 with 1004 number of beds and offers the best medical services that is able to compare with the world’s leading hospitals by providing high tech medical equipments such as Da Vinci surgical system, Gamma knife surgery, Rapid Arch, 640 multislice CT. We also have specialized center such as Trauma center, Living Donor Liver transplantation center, Robot surgery center. We made MOU with organizations and China, Russia and Mongol as a Medical institutions to attract foreign patients which was approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and is selected as medical check-up designated hospital for issuing China, Australia, America and Canada visas. Haeundae Paik Hospital we are growing as a medical hub of Northeastern Asia, as well as medical institutions across the world.