Consultation hours and procedures
Reception and consultation hour
On Weekdays 08:00~16:00 09:00~12:00
Saturdays 08:00~11:00 09:00~12:00
Holidays open 24 hours at the Emergency Center
* The Hours may change by the clinic's condition
Procedure for visiting out patient departments
Fill out the application form for medical examination : Please check your doctor's name and their specialities before filling out the form.

Medical examination / payment
Please waite after handing in your registration paper to the clinic nurse.
* Patients who already made an appointment have a right to see doctor first .
If you register on the day you visit , please wait until your turn comes.
After you see doctor , the nurse will guide you every procedure you will take.
Please pay the bill at the receipt windows located every floors with your insurance card and medical information paper.

Examination / Doctor's prescription issue
If your doctor wants you to be admitted , please go to the admission office window number 3 on the first floor.
Examination : some tests need making an appointment
Medication : Please get the doctor's prescription from the machine and get it filled any pharmacy out of the hospital.
(If you have an inside doctor's prescription, you can receive the medicine from the hospital pharmacy.)

Admission and discharge
Decision of admission : If you need to be hospitalized, please go to the admission desk window number 3 on the first floor.
Process of admission : You should fill out the admission consent form. (You need a guarantor and an insurance card.)
*If there is no room available. we will contact you later.
Ward room : When your room is set , the ward nurse will guide you.
Decision of discharge : The ward nurse help you what you have to do for discharge.
Pay the bill : When the admission office clerk call to your room, please pay the bill at the window number 2 on the first floor.
Discharge procedure : After paying the bill, you may need making a next appointment , then hand in the permission pater for discharge to the ward nurse.
* You can use an ambulance when you transfer another hospital or go home.
It costs you some money by the distance from the hospital.

Telephone : 031-910-7000
First visitors :You can make an appointment by phone ,please come to the clinic 10 minutes before your appointment time. It may delayed by the clinical situation.
Regular visitors : You can call to the clinic and make an appointment.
(There is a list of clinic telephone number on the back of your receipt.)
*We inform you your appointment date and time a day before by text message.

Reschedule and Cancellation
Please call to the clinic to reschedule or cancel your appointment.
We give you a whole refund when you cancel your appointment.

Medical insurance / medical care system
Health insurance : You don't need a medical consultation paper from the local clinic.
Medical care : You should bring the medical consultation parer form the local clinic, otherwise you should pay the whole charge by yourself.

Preferential doctor system
This is a system you can choose a special doctor who has over 10 years special experiences in his medical field. (above as an assistant professor at the general hospital)
You should write down a preferential doctor's name on your application paper after checking the information board.
You should pay the additional fee for seeing preferential doctor.

Issue of doctor's certification
Register at the clinic - Medical consultation - Doctor's certification - window number 4 on the first floor - Doctor's signature at the clinic
* Issue by an attorney : a letter of attorney , certification of patient's seal impression, and identification card are needed

Telephone number
Main telephone (ARS) : 031) 910-7114
First visit appointment :031-910-7000
Emergency center : 031) 910-7119~20
Health Promotion center :031)910-7027,7028
Referral center :031-910-7777
Family visiting nurse room :031-910-7788
Customer consultation roon: 031-910-7890
Fax: 031-910-7460

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