Advanced medicine for global standard -
Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital

The Ilsan Paik Hospital is affiliated with Inje University Medical School. The building is 17 storeys tall, including 12 storeys above the ground 5 storeys underground, and 200,000 in size.
It has 800 sick beds, 23 departments, 1,500 staff and special centers and clinics including the cardiovascular clinic, Novalis radiosurgery center, physical examination center, endoscopy surgery center, sports health medical center, clinical research center, and fertility clinic.
Furthermore, as an affiliated hospital with a medical school, it not only focuses on therapy but also in research by education students, training doctors, conducting clinical research and academic exchanges.
It is a high-tech hospital with a talented faculty, Korea's first 320-channel MSCT(Multi Slice CT), 64-channel MDCT(Multi Detector CT), Novalis radiosurgery equipment, MRI, Fusion PET-CT, and Intra-Laser.
Furthermore, its integrated data system such as the Full_PACS, OCS, HIS, and distribution system are setting a new global standard for advanced medicine.
Recently, the extension work has been completed, and specialized centers such as the cardiovascular center, emergency medical center, digestive system center, respiratory system center, tumor radiotherapy center, and endoscopy surgery center have been newly stablished or extended.
Hightech R.T equipment and R.I therapy room have been newly introduced to provide professional therapy services to patients.



Internal medicine (digestive system, respiratory system, endocrinology and metabolism, kidneys, hematology-oncology, infection, allergy, rheumatism), pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, surgery, dermatology, cardiothroacic surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, urology, anesthesiology and pain medicine, rehabilitation medical treatment, radiology, pathology, family medicine, emergency medical clinic, radiodiagnosis, dental clinic, radiation oncology.

Specialized treatment

  • Cardiovascular Center
    Specialized center for diagnosis using high-tech 320-channel MSCT and 64-channel MDCT for the first time in Korea, cardiac angio, PTCA, CABG, etc.
  • Novalis Radiosurgery Center
    The first center in Asia to conduct non-invasive surgery for brain and spine tumor using Novalis radiosurgery equipment.
  • Endoscopy Surgery Center
    Minimally invasive surgery is superior to the existing laparotomy in terms of hospitalization period, complications and infection.
  • Health Promotion Center
    Various programs using CT, MRI, endoscopy etc for early detection and therapy of illnesses, improvement of health status and prevention of diseases.
  • Sports Health Medical Center
    Specialized sports medical center providing a customized exercise program, therapy of damage from exercise and rehabilitation program.
  • Fertility Clinic
    Advanced techiniques such as artificial insemination and external fertilization to give hope to infertile couples who wish to have a baby.
  • Regional Therapy Center for Newborns (Designated by Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare)
    Recently designated by Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare as a specialized therapy center for newborns to care for the increasing number of premature and ill babies.
  • Medical Service

    • Interpretation by medical staff
      Medical team & nurses: English interpretation available
    • Complementary services
      Ambulance pick-up from the airport and exclusive co-ordinator provided
    • Interpretation by co-ordinator
      English interpretation available

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