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Inje University Sanggye-Paik Hospital opened its doors with 770 beds in 1989 and now is the most energetic and future-oriented medical center in the northeast of Seoul and in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province. Staffed with experienced medical professionals, the patient-oriented care system operates an OCS (Order-Communication System), Patient-transfer system with first & second phase medical institutions and runs a day surgery unit in which examination, operation and discharge is done on the same day.

Dr. Se-Il Suk at the Spine Institute first developed a surgical technique for vertebra deformation (scoliosis and kyphosis). The technique is so renowned that tens of well-known professors from the world visit Sanggye-Paik Hospital to witness the operation every year.
The Spine Institute, headed by Dr. Se-il Suk treats more than 1,000 outpatients monthly. High quality MRI, MRSpectroscopy, SPECT tests are used to detect various epileptic lesions which had not been identified. In particular, with ketogenic dietary treatment for intractable infant-epileptic, 27 among 49 (55.1%) are free of convulsions and the frequency of the convulsions have decreased in 90% of the cases. Dr. Byoung-Doo Rhee, leading the Diabetes Clinic, first established the Korean diabetes model measuring self-immune diabetic antibodies, developed precise diagnostic method and appropriate treatment. His treatment encourages many Korean people who are struggling with diabetes.
Sanggye-Paik Hospital is ever striving to advance specialized research on diseases and trying to become a cherished hospital full of smiles and kindness.