Since 1985, the Heart Transplant Center has performed open heart surgery, also called 'the quintessence of advanced modern medical science'. By 1992, the center had achieved 1,000 cases of heart surgery and now the number of open heart surgeries has risen to 3,000 with a high success rate. The medical staff of the center, led by Dr. Gwang-Hyeon Jo, have earned a superior reputation for their high-level treatment, after a successful heart transplant operation performed for the first time outside the capital area. The center has performed 4 successful heart transplant operations and is the only hospital to perform a heart transplant operation in the Busan and Kyoungnam area.

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Dr. Sim, Jae-Hong of Cerebral Apoplexy Clinic began to use the surgical microscope for cerebrovascular operation for the first time in Korea in 1975. He had performed 2,355 cases of cerebrovascular operations as of Dec. 30 2001 beginning when Busan-Paik Hospital opened in 1979. He achieved 2000th cerebrovascular operation on Jan 8, 2000 within the shortest period in Korea. The medical team of the clinic, led by Dr. Sim Jae-Hong, has given numerous lectures and published research papers on cerevrovascular surgeries both in Korea and around the world. The success rate of operation is more than 85%.

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The medical team of Liver Bile Pancreas Clinic, led by Dr. Young-Gil Choi, has performed large resection on intractable gall bladder cancer and biliary cancer and accomplished a 30% of survival rate and 5 year life prolongation. The Liver Bile Pancreas Clinic boasts a 61% recovery rate of gall blader cancer and a 26% recovery rate of bile duct cancer, remarkable considering both were believed incurable. Particularly, the Liver Bile Pancreas Clinic is doing its best efforts to detect surgical disorders in their early stages and initiate proper treatment.

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