Inje University Busan-Paik Hospital first opened in 1979 with a capacity of 820 beds and operates 31 clinical department and more than 30 specialized centers & special clinics. Located in the south-west of Korea, as one of the largest privately run hospitals, Busan-Paik Hospital is playing a leading role in the Busan-Gyeongnam area. In the fields of brain and cardiac diseases, the advanced medical technology of the hospital is first among other Korean university hospitals.

From 1984 to the present day the medical team of the thoracic & cardiovascular department has performed about 3,000 open heart surgeries. Headed by Dr. Kwang-Hyun Cho, the department has successfully performed 4 heart transplant surgeries. These surgeries represent the first of their kind outside of the Seoul area in 1997.
Busan-Paik Hospital boasts the best members in Neurosurgery led by Dr. Jae-Hong Shim. In 1975, his team performed a cerebral aneurysm surgery using an operating microscope and on January 8, 2000, he set the Korean record of operating on 2000 cerebral aneurysms in the shortest time.
The medical team of neurosurgery introduced the up-to-date Gamma Knife in 1994 and has treated brain tumors and cerebrovascular patients. Dr. Soon-Yong Lee of the pediatry department is the godfather of young leukemia patients. Busan-Paik Hospital is designated as the hemophilia center in the Youngnam province.
Equipped with the newest facilities and patient-friendly medical professionals, Busan-Paik Hospital stands in the center of high quality education, research and health care service.

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