The Korean Gastric Cancer Center is staffed with sharp, passionate and talented surgeons who are responsible for operations and research, including Dr. Hang-Jong Ryu, and Dr. Byeong-Jo Seo. The staff upgraded the quality of diagnosis and treatment, working in cooperation with the department of gastroenterology, the anesthesia department, pathology department, radiation department and molecular biology classes. In particular, Dr. Jin-Bok Kim holds the world record for the largest number of stomach cancer operations (12,997 cases as of July, 2001 and 13, 203 at present) and on the basis of his experience, he has established the principles of stomach cancer surgery. Presently, he is recognized as one of the highest authorities on stomach cancer due to his remarkable achievements. Also, in July 2001, he became the first South Korean doctor to perform a surgery in North Korea at Pyeoungyang Medical University Hospital.

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Dr. Hyuck-Sang Lee, Chief of the Liver Cancer Clinic, was successful in the largest liver resection (trisulcate) ever performed in Korea. Also, he opened a new era in March in 1992 in treating serious medical cases when he successfully performed liver transplant surgery on an adult liver cancer patient. His achievements contributed to the full-scale debate on brain death and rapid development of studies in organ transplantation in Korea.
The statistics show that the rate of patients' mortality after operation, is lower than 1 percent an indication of the safety of the surgical procedures. To treat liver cancers, nonoperational treatments as well as surgeries are efficaciously chosen with a variety of advanced technology to conquer liver cancers.

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The 21st Century Ophthalmology Center is a specialized clinic staffed with Dr. Jae-Ho Kim as its head and five other MDs. Dr. Kim first performed cataract surgery and artificial lens insertion surgery in Korea. Dr. Kim has introduced Eximer Laser surgery to Korea through over 5,000 operations. The center is equipped with state-of-the art facilities for diagnosis and surgery. The Eximer Laser with eyeball trace system is used for Lasik or Lasek myopia correction.
For hypermetropia correction, laser cornea plastic surgery is performed. Advanced surgical microscopes and ultrasonic emulsification suction machine are used for small resection cataract operation and OCT 3, a state-of-the art machine for early detection of glaucoma.

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General Health Diagnosis Center, based on a precision diagnosis system, provides comprehensive physical check-ups, making the best use of the latest diagnosis machines, up-to-date medical information and the know-how from domestic and foreign medical centers. Our specialized medical staff are responsible for the entire examination procedures. They will get all necessary procedures done and give accurate medical results within 3 hours for busy modern people. Also, connecting more than 60 categorized check-up items and precise medical machines by computer and automated techniques render 'multi-purpose search examination' possible, detecting several diseases with one test. Regular check-ups will immediately get you more precise medical results, as recent results are compared with previous results stored on computers.

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Seoul-Paik Hospital has been operating the Self Blood-transfusion Center from the early 1990's, for patients who are reluctant to receive blood transfusion for religious reasons or fearing infection. The center is staffed with members from all departments and uses the methods of filtering out blood of the patient during surgery, by way of disinfection and sterilization, then injecting the blood back into the patient. More than 1,000 cases of self blood-transfusion operations have been performed. Taking one step further, a medical team, led by Dr. Bon-Il Ku recently performed a self blood-transfusion operation during a kidney transplantation.

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Seoul Paik Hospital's International Clinic provides medical services to those non-residents visiting Korea on a short-term as well as long-term basis. Our English, Chines and Japanese-fluent employees and collaborative efforts with a professional interpreting service center enables us to provide our patients with high quality medical care unhindered by any language barrier. In addition, all patients recieve personal one-on-one service from our professional coordinators, who aid in providing prompt delivery of high quality care.

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Location : 1st floor of Seoul Paik Hospital (Room 119)
Operation Hours : Mondays ~ Fridays 08:00~17:00
Emergency Center(Open 24 hours) : 82-2-2270-0119, 0211, 0212

Emergency Center
Seoul Paik Hospital runs a 24-hour emergency center on its 1st floor. Our English and Japanes fluent employees are on-call 24-hours a day and other language speaking patients will be provided with interpretation services from our collaborating interpreting service center upon request.

We honor cash (KRW) and major international credit cards. Documents for private health insurance reimbursements will be prepared for you upon request.
English medical certificate and receipts are also available.
Special contracts for billing can be arranged with foreign companies and embassies. We also accept guarantee billing from insurance or health service agencies. Currently, we have contracts with International SOS, AIOA, AIU, ASAHI, CHUBB, FUJI, JI, MITSUI SUMITOMO, NISSAY SOWA, NEW INDIA, SECOM, SUMI SEI, and NIPPONKOA and honor their guarantee of billings.

Order of Service
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