Founded in 1932, Inje University Seoul-Paik Hospital is proud of its 70 year history and tradition as the first private medical corporation in Korea. A 12-story building equipped with 450 beds, the hospital operates 22 clinical departments and 28 clinical centers such as the Korean Gastric Cancer Center, the 21st Century Ophthalmology Center, the Heart and Circulatory Center, the Health Promotion Center, the Hip & Implant Service, and the Diabetes Clinic.

In Seoul-Paik Hospital, Dr. Jin-Bok Kim heads the Korea Gastric Cancer Center and holds the world record in gastric cancer surgeries (12,997 cases). In 1992, Dr. Hyuck-Sang Lee, currently head of the Liver Cancer Clinic, performed the first successful liver transplant surgery on a liver cancer patient in Korea. Dr. Hae-Ho Kim first performed cataract surgery and artificial lens insertion in Korea. In addition, Dr. Kim has introduced Eximer Laser surgery to Korea through over 5,000 operations. In order to meet the needs of expatriates and travelers to Korea, Seoul-Paik Hospital now operates a clinic staffed with doctors and nurses with foreign language skills.

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